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The Edge With A Wizard

January 5, 2015

Sunday was the first day since being in the UK that the sun was shining and sky was blue. The kids have been stir crazy so it was time to head out on our first family hiking adventure to what is know as “The Edge.”

We didn’t know much about The Edge except that it was close to our house and would provide stunning views on a sunny day so we set out on foot. In less than 10 minutes we were to the hiking trail that led up to the backside of The Edge. First lesson of hiking in England, get wellies (aka, rain boots)! It was a muddy mess and we definitely didn’t look like we were from around here hiking in our tennis shoes. I know what we will be purchasing next.

The woodland trail was approximately half a mile and then steep steps up to the top of a beautiful cliff overlooking the country side. Adrian did great on this hike and was up in front of us the whole time. Juliette rode on dad’s shoulders on the way up and mine on the way down.

After taking in the views, we headed back down the trail and were lucky to overhear a local gentleman showing his kids the wizard in the rocks. I don’t know much but there is a lot of folklore about wizards in Alderley Edge and will be looking forward to learning more about the Wizard of the Edge. Adrian thought the wizard was cool and Juliette was getting tired and cranky so we moved on our way down the trail.

Jasa and I were both excited how close this trail is to our house and plan to make this hike a regular occurrence in the Rhone household. Next time we will be up on our wizard folklore and see what other mysteries we can find at The Edge.

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